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Thyroid Diseases

Should I See a Specialist



My thyroid med was 200 mg for underactive thyroid. Its been that was for about 10 to 15 yrs. I started dieting and excersizing (all the time) and the blood work said my med were too high. Here`s the problem: my doctor cut my meds in half to 100. I asked her shouldn`t we lower it gradually and she said no, your heart was beating too fast and we have to get that down. A month later I told her we need to check and see if its regulated because I feel awful and it was low, and I believe it is still low but she raising it to 137 but I can`t wait that long before I feel better. Should see and endocrinolgist to have my meds regulated?


Given the lack of information on the level of your thyroid status when the thyroid hormone replacement was adjusted for you, it is hard to comment on what has been decided for you. However, the general rule in thyroid hormone adjustment is to change the dose gradually. I would recommend seeing an endocrinologist if your thyroid status is not normalized within the next few months.

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Marzieh  Salehi, MD Marzieh Salehi, MD
Assistant Professor of Endocrinology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati