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Vaginal Itchiness and Discharge



Hi, Im really curious as to what could be going on, I have had major itchiness and nasty smelling discharge for over two months now, I have been to two different GYNS and all my test come out negative, negative for yeast, bacterial vaginosis, any stds. I went to the second GYN just the other day, he swabbed me and looked at it under a microscope, he had it tested and most came back negative, It did say positive for beta strep, and thats what hes saying is the cause but everything I read on it, says there is no symptoms at all and most about mainly pregnant women having it. what could really be causing this? Its driving me crazy.


When a woman has itching in the genital area, the first thought is often of infection.  Most commonly, a yeast infection will cause itching, but some sexually transmitted infections can cause itching as well, such as trichomonas, herpes, or pubic lice (crabs).

If infections have been ruled out, the itching can be due to a skin condition.  Sometimes it is an allergic reaction to some product that comes in contact with the skin, such as soap, detergent, condoms, or feminine hygiene products.  Sometimes it is a skin condition that can arise spontaneously (eg psoriasis) or be triggered by other sources of irritation (eg lichen simplex).

When the diagnosis is in doubt, a biopsy of the vulvar skin can show if such a problem is there.

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Jonathan  A Schaffir, MD Jonathan A Schaffir, MD
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