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My husband was diagnosed with Sarcoid last year. He went through 2 lung biopsy`s, the second they took about 1% of his lung. He has been given a prednisone (steriod) for treatment. He goes every 2 months to get a breathing test, x rays, blood work and now he is being checked for bone loss. He has gone from 122lbs to about 160lbs. He get chronic heartburn everyday. Water even will give him heartburn. Is there some other treatment or specialist that we can talk to about this disease and treating it? He has noticed that humidity and colder weather brings on difficulty in breathing. We live in Maine so not the best place to be if your avoiding these 2 factors. What else can be done for this diease?


There are a number of alternatives to steroids for the treatment of sarcoidosis. You are advised to first ask your current doctor about these other options. If your doctor is not familiar with other treatments, he/she may know of someone in your area who is comfortable managing sarcoidosis, including alternative treatments. The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research also has a web site which provides information relating to regional sarcoidosis experts.

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