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Urinary Disorders

Is chronic urethritis incurable?



I am writing from Stockholm, Sweden about chronic urethritis that my girlfriend seems to be experiencing. The problem started out as recurring urinary tract infections. Each time she would be given a one week antibiotic regimen. Eventually, the doctor would write her a prescriptions in anticipation of the infection coming back. Three months ago, she thought she had another infection but upon visiting the doctor was told that it was inflammation of the urethra. Since then she`s been given silver chloride treatments, cortisone and medication to acidify the urethra. The silver chloride and cortisone help temporarily. Otherwise she was told to avoid stress, stay warm and drink more fluid. Nonetheless she is still in pain every single day. Is there nothing more to do? I`m also confused about the source of the inflammation. If there is no infection longer, what causes it? Thank you for your help.


It is difficult to be specific about your girlfriend's diagnosis and treatment. Recurrent bladder infections can occur from bacteria entering the bladder from the vagina via the urethra. Sometimes antibiotic prophylaxis for a period of months may prevent these infections and symptoms. Other entities that can causes pelvic discomfort are urethral diverticula and chronic cystitis for a variety of reasons. It is worth a thorough urological exam and discussing all these concerns with her doctor.

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