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Pandemic Flu

Possibly had swine flu?



Hello. I am wondering what is the liklihood that my kids have already had the swine flu. In May we traveled (by plane)and also visited with someone who recently had been to Mexico. We live in northwest Indiana, and I believe Chicago had several cases in May. My kids had high fever for several days, fatigue, and cough / stuffy noses that lasted for several weeks. How likely is it that they already had h1n1? I`m just curious, as I know that it`s impossible to tell and I won`t be basing my decision whether or not to vaccinate on an answer.


It is likely that your kids already had the swine flu. But as you noted, it is impossible to tell. People who did not have confirmed H1N1 influenza are being advised to get a swine flu immunization when it becomes available.

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