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Eye and Vision Care

Post Cataract Surgery Possible Complication



My husband (age 56) had cataract surgery four days ago with a monofocal implant. Day 2 he had extreme pain, swelling, blurred vision and redness. Saw the dr. who prescribed more drops for inflammation. Day 3, no pain, but described "hundreds of black spots" and still blurred vision. Saw dr. Said inflammation is "more than usual" more drops. Today, day 4, still blurred vision, still black spots. Saw dr., who said inflammation is a bit better, continue with drops. See him again in two days. I want to make sure this sounds normal for inflammation, and that it is not possibly a misdiagnosed detached retina. Dr. claims it is definitely not detached retina. But we are nervous that it is not cleared up yet.


It sounds like you have lost confidence and trust in your husband's surgeon, so I'd recommend a second opinion from another cataract surgeon.

Anterior (front of the eye) inflammation following cataract surgery is common and can usually be treated successfully with eye drops. However, anterior inflammation does not cause "hundreds of black spots." That symptom is more likely caused by inflammation, infection, blood cells , or even retinal detachment posteriorly (back of the eye) which may require oral medications and/or surgery. 

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