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Urinary Disorders

Urethral Swelling and Discharge



For the last year or two I have struggled with urethral swelling every few months. It generally only lasts a week and I dont usually have issues peeing but sometimes it`s accompanied by a UTI and a lot of the time it swells so bad it feels like its protruding from my vagina. But for the first few days there`s no discharge but then I start getting sharp pains from my vaginal area and then after another few days its like something bursts and pus and most times blood starts leaking from my urethra and usually takes about a day to drain. Again no issues or pain while urinating. The discharge is usually yellowy red or even close to a brownish color and always very thick. My doctor brushes it off as bacterial vaginosis and I went to emerg at the hospital before it had burst and thier closest guess was vaginal prolapse.


Your symptoms are suggestive of a nidus for infection in or around the urethra. There are several glands which opens up at that area. Skene glands and Bartolin glands. The other possible source is diverticula within the urethra that can not be seen by examination but can be found by X ray of the urethra or by cystoscopy. Ask your doctor and see a urologist as well.

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