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Breast Cancer

Mammogram results



my doctor called after my screening mammogram and said they saw calcifications and wanted to recheck in six months..received letter today from radiologist that said..mammogram showed area we believe is benign(not cancer) however, you should have follow up mammogram in three to six months and/or clinical consult with your physician to confirm this area has not changed. I have used same gyn for 30 years...he is a great doctor...they have scheduled me for diagnostic in 6 months..does this sound like standard procedure...I have been called back for diagnostic after screening before...but have had it a week later


Your care sounds appropriate. Some calcifications are not too worrisome and can be followed up in 3-6 months. The choice of 3 or 6 months is generally up to the referring physician based on your exam, history, etc. But of course if you are going to worry, you could request 3 month follow-up.

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