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Eye and Vision Care

Constant Eye Pain and Pressure



Hi! I am hoping to get some positive feedback in regard to my current condition. I have chronic eye pain and pressure daily that is always worse in the morning and sometimee decreases by evening. I have had a CTscan, MRI and have seen various doctors and they give me no answers. The pain is deep and dull but debilitating as well. Medicine does not work as I have been on a few. Please help


I obviously can't make a definitive diagnosis without examining you. But if you have already had a comprehensive eye examination and CT/MRI imaging, I'm guessing it may be a sinus problem because the sinuses are located directly behind the eyes, and do cause eye pain when swollen.

Ask your eye doctor to refer you to an otolaryngologist (ear,nose, throat) specialist in your area.

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Robert D Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO Robert D Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO
Professor Emeritus of Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University