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Breast Cancer

V Strenuous Chest Exercises just b4 Mammogrm



Although I do regular fitness work-outs, just before my annual mammogram I did some exceedingly strenuous "chin-ups" in my fitness class, to the point that I had some swollen bumps under both my arms (armpits) for about two days directly caused by the over-exertion. During that period I had my mammogram. I just got word that they believe they see an abnormality and need some additional views to make an accurate determination. My question is: is there any possibility that the frequent and often robust chest exercises, particularly the strenuous one the day before, could cause or have any bearing whatsoever on the preliminary test results; and to that end, should I tell them about this when I go for the additional follow-up mammogram views? I`m a 66 y.o. who is otherwise v. healthy and active and at normal weight for my height/frame. Thank you ever so much!


Chest exercises do not usually cause changes in mammograms but no harm in mentioning this to the technician. "Bumps" in the armpits should be checked by your doctor if they do not resolve completely.

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