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Urinary Disorders

Urine and Clear Mucus Leakage



I have had urine leakage, clear mucus leakage daily. This has gotten worse after the birth of my children. Both by cesarian section. It happens all the time, not just when I sneeze or cough. I could be just walking and it will come out. What would cause this? The clear mucus reminds me of the discharge you experince when you are efaccing during pregnacy/just before delivery. Also I have noticed that my urine usually smells like something I have eaten or drank. Is this normal? Example, if I drink coffee my urine will smell like coffee.


Smell of urine has to do with consumed substance and its concentration in urine. The more dilute the concentration the less it has its special odor. Drink excessive water and acidifying agents such as Vitamin C, cranberry and pomegranate juice. Vaginal discharge can be either due to weakness of the pelvic floor muscles or fistula between bladder and vagina. This condition is diagnosed by your urogynecologist. If leakage is purulent then urethral out-pouching (diverticulum) should be looked for.

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