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Symptom I am having after Leep procedure



I had a leep procedure done at the end of July 2009. I had a moderate case of pre-cancerous cells. After the surgery i had a period within the next week, and i noticed an odor. Since then I have had two more periods and it is now the end of october which would be normal but my period are really light since then. Say i wipe after going pee in the morning and i see light pink and that is it for a couple days. Before the procedure I had a lot more bleeding because i had a baby 10 months ago and it my periods became heavier since then. But i am worried now that the procedure messed my periods up and i am afraid that the blood is staying inside of me and not flowing out becuase its not normal for me. I still have this odor since the procedure too. I`m not sure what to do. I am only 19 years old and im wondering if the scar tissue from the procedure has blocked my menstral cycle and if i need to see my gyno.


The healing of the cervix after a LEEP can be associated with vaginal discharge, but it should have cleared by 3-4 weeks. It wouldn't change the timing of the period, but whether or not the blood could leave the uterus. You should be evaluated to make sure you didn't have scarring of the cervix that would make it difficult for all the blood to leave the uterus every month. It typically would be associated with prolonged light bleeding every month too. You should see your gynecologist to evaluate the cervix and cervical opening.

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