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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Lesion and lt. Adrenal Adenoms



I had an abdominal CT because they noticed a kidney lesion during an abdominal ultrasound for gall bladder. The CT showed a 2.1 cm fluid attenuation lesion in the renal pelvis of the lower pole of the left kidney, probably representing a parapelvic cyst as seen on the recent ultrasound. No calculi in the intrarenal collecting systems, ureters or bladder. No hydronephrosis or hydroureter. There was also noted a left 1.4 cm adrenal adenoma in the left adrenal gland. Could there be a connection between the 2 findings? I will go for a 6 month repeat CT scan. Otherwise, my internal med doctor doesn`t seem concerned. I had sub-acute thyroiditis a couple decades ago. Could there be a connection between that and the adrenal adenoma? Also found was a 3.5 cm nodule in the left lung base. This is a lot that could be nothing or could be something. Please comment. Thank you. p.s my gallbladder was perfect.


"This is a lot that could be nothing or could be something." This was your final comment and I agree with it. I would like to add more to what you said but other than the CT scan I know nothing about your medical condition (other than the thyroiditis), age, gender, etc. I think that the followup CT is appropriate and the results need to be discussed with your doctor to determine what needs further evaluation and what is incidental and not of concern. Sorry about not being able to add more!

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