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Sports Medicine

Behind leg and knee pain



Iam a special olympics athlete and i do a lot of training. i have had tendenton problems before in my ankle but that has gone away with phiso. after my ankle got better a week after i got pain in the back of my leg were the knee is and at the sides of my knee cap and at the top of my knee. also pain going down the inside part of my leg down to my ankle bone. it hurts to walk sometimes . it hurts always after i jump a lot on that foot and sometimes running alot. i went to phiso and was doing exercises but every time i went to training it just hurt when i jumped or strech that musle a lot. i also cant train hard. i were a sports brace for training and that is helping but when i take the brace off i have pain. what can i do so i dont get pain when i am training on it?


The best treatment recommendations specific to your needs should be based on an accurate diagnosis, which requires a history, physical examination, and possibly imaging studies. The brace may be treating your symptoms, but it is best to treat their cause.

It is possible your knee symptoms may be at least partly related to your prior ankle symptoms. That is, pain and/or weakness in the ankle can result in - or may have caused - abnormal motions and forces further "up the kinetic chain", such as at the knee. If there is tightness, weakness, abnormal muscle tone or control, or any joint deformity involving any portion of either leg, these are factors which may also be contributory.

You are best advised to consult with a sports medicine physician.

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University