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Myasthenia Gravis




Did thymectomy some 4 years ago. Now have stopped taking Mestinon and feel totally normal again. Is it safe then to have menengitis and hepatitis vaccines before going abroad? I was on Immuran when I was vaccinated with Intragam because I was going to India. I fell extremely ill there and had to be hospitalised for more than two weeks for jaundice and hepatitis and was advised by doctors to stop taking Immuran at once. Was the vaccination the cause of my illness or did I fall ill due to some other reasons?


There are vaccinations that are recommended for travel abroad based on the country you are visiting. Vaccines are generally safe. It would be difficult to go back in time to determine what caused you to be ill when you were in India. Neither the myasthenia gravis nor the thymectomy are contraindications for vaccinations in general.

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Catherine  Kernich, MSN, RN, CNP Catherine Kernich, MSN, RN, CNP
Case Western Reserve University