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Mucus problem



I have asthma and use a flovent inhaler which controls the breathing part. The question I can`t seem to get answered is what to do about the huge amounts of mucus all day and night. I don`t want to go out anymore. I have tried mucinex. It seems others with asthma don`t have this problem. Could I have something else causing this?


The mucous could be coming from the upper respiratory tract and dripping down into your lungs.  Depending on whether you are allergic or non-allergic (based on skin testing and history) would determine the best treatment.  You could try nasal irrigation with saline (over the counter) to see if this clears out the mucus so it doesn't drip.  If not effective you need to see an allergy specialist who can help discern whether the increased mucus is coming from your lungs or upper respiratory tract and modify your treatment accordingly.

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