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Urinary Disorders

Adult Kidney Lobulation



I am a 56 yr old female. I have type 2 diabetes for about 5 or so yrs. I only take 1 500mg Metformin at night and my A1C stays between 5.5 to 6.4 or so. I have HBP but it has been controlled for years on Lisinopril. I had 2 kidney stones in 1997. I`ve recently had several UTI`s and twice in 7 monthes I ended up at the ER. I had IV Levaquin followed by tablets 1st time and 2nd time just IV fluids and Levaquin tabs. My regular doctor sent me to a urologist to see what may be causing the recurring bladder/kidney infections.

I had a sonogram in addition to other tests and was told I have a small cyst on my right kidney and now have been told the x-ray Dr who also read the tests says I have a (mass) lobulation on my left kidney and I an going to have a kidney function blood test followed by a CT with or without contrast. My mother had chronic kidney stones and even had two surgeries on the right side to remove them.

So, do I need to worry about this or not and what causes this? I`ve had many x-rays and other tests over the years on my kidneys and surgery to tie up my bladder in 1999, and the urologist, who also did that surgery, says it is still up where it belongs. I also wonder if I drink enough water, or if that makes a difference. I also have a list of medications I take. Thanks so much.


Lobulations of the kidney are not abnormal as long as the report does not mean a"mass" which would require further evaluation. The evaluation is a CT scan with and without contrast to determine if this is a normal kidney or if there is a concern for a tumor.

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
Clinical Instructor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University