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dnt get reglar peorids was spotting after intercourse smear clear now ive alot of heavy lumpy discharge tat dnt smell


Irregular periods - this depends on how old you are. If this is within 2 years of when your menses started, this may be acceptable. After this time (especially if you are sexually active), pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases can be the issue. Other things to consider would be fibroids (extra growth of tissues in the uterus), ovarian problem, thyroid issue, extent of physical activity, stress.

Spotting after intercourse - same as above and possibly a cervical polyp.

Heavy lumpy discharge without the smell - may be normal versus, yeast versus bacterial vaginosis.

I highly recommend you see your doctor to be examined. I hope this helped.

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Riza T Conroy, MD Riza T Conroy, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University