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Vaginal burning from tea tree oil



I recently used a feminine wash for preventing yeast infections that contained tea tree oil. Moments later, my vagina was incredibly irritated and felt like it was on fire. The burning lessened over the next two days but on day 3, intense burning and stinging was present and the vulva is bright red again. It stings when I pee and it burns non-stop to the point that I am in tears most of the time. My gyno recommended using lotrimin 2x daily until she sees me again on Friday. I am in so much pain and it`s hard to bear it. Any advice?


The lining of the vagina is not unlike that of the inside of the nose. It is very sensitive to chemicals. Placing perfume in the vagina can be like spraying perfume into your nose. You will get a lot of stinging and discharge. It can cause a serious chemical irritation that will react like you describe. Any barrier cream will help soothe the area and protect it from irritation of urine. Sween or A&D ointment will work until the normal healing occurs.

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