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Movement of Braces



How much pressure does braces have against the teeth during movement? # 8 & # 9 have root canals due to injury. Ortho is pleased so far after movement but now the movement is to get rid of spaces and try to bring the front teeth in from over bite. I am sure he is taking precautions. My question is how much root resorption needs to happpen before we know we need to stop moving those front teeth. I knew going into this that this could happen so far after the 6 month xray things look good. Braces have only been on for 3 months and there is a awesome change ...Just concerned about the applying more pressure.


Most orthodontic pressure to central incisors should not exceed 75 grams. There is a gauge that can measure the elastic forces or the amount of pressure to deflect the wire.

Your orthodontists needs to xray the affected teeth every six months. Sounds like things are going ok, but keep asking questions. Thank you for visiting NetWellness.

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