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Vascular Surgery

Fear of neuropathy



I was left with a sunken vein inside the upper left arm leading to a large lump at the injection site in the bend of my arm and the veins in the lower arm to my hand enlarging and swollen tight. I have lived with the aching and stinging in my veins for two years. My muscles near the injection site started feeling odd. Now I am experiencing constant tingling and my hand keeps going cold. I don`t want to lose my arm and hand. Is there a procedure correct the blood in my arm ?


The main veins which drain blood from the arm are not on the surface where IVs and injections are performed. If there was injury to a vein with a blood draw or IV and the vein clotted, there are many veins on the surface which can take over the work of that vein. Tingling and coolness in your arm can be from many things. You should have an examination by your primary care physician.

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