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Could I have a mushroom allergy?



Twice I have eaten a mushroom-laden dish out at a restaurant for dinner and had extremely uncomfortable nights each time (uncomfortable in different ways). The first time, I awoke in the middle of the night feeling slightly queasy. Much more alarming was that my entire body started to tremble uncontrollably (I wasn`t feeling cold or feverish at all). I was shaking in bed from my head to my toes. This came in waves for about an hour. Then I was all right and went to sleep just fine and was ok the next day. The second time was after I had a late night bowl of mushroom soup at a restaurant. That night when I went to bed an hour later I was sleepy but could not sleep. I felt a ticklish sensation on the skin of one leg. I felt restless and fidgety; almost as though I had had a huge amount of caffeine (I hadn`t had any besides a single cup of coffee at least 10 hours prior) and my mouth felt horribly dry (despite drinking water). These don`t seem to be commonly listed symptoms for mushroom allergy on the internet. Have you come across symptoms such as these? I should mention that I have no known food allergies, and generally tend to sleep extremely well. Many thanks for any inputs!


These are definite atypical reactions and not classical for a food allergy.  A more detailed history with specific testing to determine the cause of these symptoms is warranted.  It could be a food intolerance or a reaction to preservatives like MSG which can sometimes cause these type of symptoms. 

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