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Athletic Training

Chronic Bicep Tendonitis



so its been like a year since i started having pain in my upper bicep well b/w the bicep and shoulder region.....i used to play excessive basketball more thn 7 hours a day and used to weight train before that...but i had an accident once and i fell on my left bicep very hard.....mind you i was under hepatitis C treatment at that time and my body immunity was very low....so about the pain well i had it every time i played basketball ever since....at first i neglected it thinking that it might be a muscle pull.....and really didn`t cared about it at all but after like 3 or 4 months the muscle pull was getting so severe that it felt that someone just pushed a knife through my bicep and hurt very much.....well it continued and eventually i stopped playing basketball..however i did continue my weight training....now its been a year and the pain is still there.....i can`t even throw a ball! I did some physical therapy a few months back for 2 or 3 weeks like cold and hot packing..tens machine and ultrasound but i don`t think it worked.....i think my case is chronic tendonitis...although i still weight train and feel no pain in doing it but still i am concerned about my arm....please man i just wanna play basketball again...i am only 18 dude and am wondering if there is any way my arm can heal? Please help me out...


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. On this site, we try to answer general questions about sports injuries, (such as tendonitis) but cannot diagnose or recommend specific treatment programs.  

You appear to have some very specific questions about your arm/shoulder that are difficult for me to address via this site.  

I think that you may need to get second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon (try to find one who has experience with sports) to determine if this is simply chronic tendonitis versus other possible conditions in your arm or shoulder. 

Since you are so young, you want to make sure you fix this problem now so it does not bother you long term.  I hope you can seek another opinion so that you can get back to playing basketball soon.

Good luck!

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Vincent J O'Brien, ATC Vincent J O'Brien, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Clinical Instructor at the School of Allied Medical Professions
The Ohio State University