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Kidney Diseases

Creatinine Too High (108)



Hi doctor. I am a male, 58 years old. I have dull pain in the left kidney (not severe) for over 30 years. Lately the pain increased and seems to spread to the right side. Urine test indicated creatinine 108.  Is this too high?


Urine creatinine is not helpful by itself. It tells me nothing without the serum creatinine and the volume of urine.

I also don't know the units; is it mmole, mg/L or mg/dl ? In any case, even if I had the correct information it would not provide an answer about the flank pain. Flank pain is often musculo-skeletal and not renal related.

More important in evaluating the flank pain is a physical exam and a microscopic urinalysis. Then your doctor can decide if renal imaging is necessary.

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