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Oral Cancer

Bump on Floor of Mouth



Hi, within the last several weeks I have developed a small (about the size of a pinhead) but protruding bump on the floor of my mouth/base of my gums. It`s about a centimeter behind my front teeth, sort of where the frenulum attaches to the gum and slightly to the right. It`s painless but appears a little white. I don`t smoke and am a light drinker.

I already have an appointment scheduled with my dentist in a month, and of course I don`t expect to be diagnosed over the Internet, but how likely is it that oral cancer ever presents like that? I`m trying to decide whether or not I should get it checked sooner.

Thanks for you time.


If it is a stable lesion, your appointment with the dentist should be OK. If it progresses, please try to make your appointment earlier.

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Enver  Ozer, MD Enver Ozer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University