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Vascular Surgery

Arm/muscle pain after IV



I apologize if this is not the correct topic, but it was the closest I could find (as this is a question about an IV). Four days ago I had a CT scan to check for appendicitis (turned out to be an ovarian cyst) but I was given the dye intravenously while I was in the machine. I am not sure what type of dye, it`s the kind that makes your torso feel warm and flushed for a moment. Anyway, the IV site was the inner elbow on my right arm. I also had blood drawn from that area earlier in the day which bruised up severely. Over the past few days, the area has become VERY tender to the touch and painful to move, and the area of pain is spreading. First it was just in the immediate area, which was understandable, but now it has spread up the bicep to my underarm, and has started moving down to my wrist as well. Is this a normal reaction? I`ve had IVs before but not these symptoms. Thanks in advance for your response.


This may be phlebitis or irritation of the vein. If it doesn't go away with a warm compress and ibuprofen, you may want to call your doctor.

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