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Kidney Diseases

Microalbumin/Creatinine Test



My creatinine urine on 4/22/09 was 201.5, 8/20/09 was 133.4 and now 12/22/09 is 223.0. But my microalbumin/creatinine is 64.1. Is this mean my kidney is having a serious problem ? My weight is 150lb. Cholestorol is 145, Fasting Blood Sugar is 102.


The urine creatinine values are fine (actually, the higher they are, the better, usually).  An elevated microalbumin/creatinine ratio is the very earliest sign of kidney damage, because it means that your kidneys are leaking a microscopic amount of protein.  Yours is just a little above normal (normal is less than 30; very severe protein leakage may cause values of 3000 or higher).  Check with your doctor -- especially if you are diabetic. He/she may wish to prescribe a medication that may reduce the protein leakage and help to protect the kidneys from further damage.

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