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Could it be a nerve damage?



Hi i`m a type1 Diabetic,im 20 years old and i have been a diabetic for 4 years now,the thing is, i have this pain in my left side of the body whenever i get emotional ,and by that i mean every part of my left side hurts when I`m stressed or mad , while i feel no pain at all on my right side. my Question is could this be a sign of nerve damage caused by diabetes ? and why does it appear only on my left side? thank u :)


That is not a typical story for diabetic nerve damage.  It would be very unlikely that pain felt in "every part" of one side of the body would be due to a disease unless there had been some sort of physical injury.  We can't make diagnoses on NetWellness.  It is worth considering whether pain brought on by emotion may be psychological in origin but it would require a doctor-patient relationship, a history, a physical exam and possibly other testing in order to fully evaluate.   

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