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Kidney Diseases

Leaking Protein in Urine Test



My doctor informed me that I have a leakage of protein in my urine test. I am a 48 yr. old male taking Exforge 10/320, Simvastatin 80mg, & Metformin 500mg. I am borderline diabetic, with high B/P & controlled cholestrol. I am a non smoker & not aware of any family member having kidney problems. My test results, leaking level is 60.


I cannot tell for sure how much protein you are leaking (you would need to tell me the units of the "60" -- for instance, is it microalbumin/gram of creatinine?).  But in general, protein leakage indicates some early damage to the kidney, because kidneys are supposed to filter out waste products that you need to get rid of, while retaining things that you need to keep, such as protein and blood cells.  If you are diabetic, one of the meds contained in Exforge (valsartan) may help decrease the amount of protein leakage and perhaps prevent further damage to the kidney.  But as you imply, the most important things to do to preserve kidney function are: 1) control diabetes, 2) control hypertension, 3) control cholesterol, and 4) don't smoke.  Please see the links below for more information.

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