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Sports Medicine

Shoulder problem



I have been dealing with a shoulder issue for more than a year now. I have seen Orthopedic Surgeon`s and a Neurologist. I had an Arthogram conducted in April 2009, and it showed a possible small anterior labral tear. My other condition is that my left shoulder is higher and shorter than my right. I also have alot of popping and is sometimes triggered by just moving my neck. My shoulder looks like I`m doing a shrug and is humped up. At times I feel burning and tingling sensations in my scapula area and on the end of my shoulder as well. I have tenderness that comes and goes in my armpit, my rib`s and in my scapula area. It seems the more I try to massage it, it becomes more sore and aggrivated. I am at wit`s end, the MRI`s have only shown a "possible tear" and no one seems to know why more shoulder is humped up and higer.


Labral tears in the shoulder can be difficult to see clearly in MRIs.  They typically cause pain and popping or clicking in the shoulder and surrounding area.

Burning and tingling sensations in the area that you describe do not sound like typical labral tear symptoms.  That does not mean that those symptoms are not from the labral tear.  They are just not typical.  Typically, burning and tingling comes from a pinched nerve in the neck.  That would be an area worth investigation.

Many people have multiple areas of injury that need medical attention before they actually feel better, so hang in there. Some of your problems could be from the labral tear, but there may also be something else happening.

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