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Spine and Back Health

T7 T8



I have a compression fracture t7 t8 with spinal offset. I have 7 broken ribs all which have not fused properly due to the offset in my spine. I will lose height after 2-3 hours of standing. My right shoulder was broke driving my right shoulder down 1.5" and I have a class 3 acl/mcl/pcl left knee. All of the above has not been fixed. It has been 4 years and I live in canada. I have been cut off disability benefits they said I am faking my pain level. I like the sounds of your procedure. Is there a brace that you recomend for me? Also how much would that type of surgery cost a Canadian? I have fallen through every crack in the medical system in Canada. I have great difficulty dealing with the PAIN. I don`t mean to bore you with my grief. Thanks.


It is unclear from your post which surgical procedure you are referring to, so it is not possible to give a cost estimate. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to recommend any particular treatment for someone over the Internet without a full consultation, so your question about a brace cannot be answered in this forum.

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David J Hart, MD David J Hart, MD
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