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Colon Cancer

Post Colonoscopy



I recently (aged 60) had my third colonoscopy, (I am considered high risk because my mother had colon cancer). The first two were fine, complete, but this time with a new dr. he said he was unable to complete the exam due to redundant colon, and wants me to have a barium enema to check the part he couldn`t see. Why was he unable to do a complete one, if the previous doctor could? I also am now told I have diverticulitis, hemoroids, and one polop was removed (dr. said it looked fine). He also recommended a repeat colonoscopy in 1 year- not 5. What do you think


There may have been factors related to the bowel prep, length of the scope used or other circumstances. A barium enema would check the rest of the colon that couldn't be seen. The recommended follow up would depend on the pathology and also if he was concerned that he couldn't see the entire colon.

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