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Root Canals

Is a root canal necessary?



My son went to the dentist today, he is 20, for what we were told was going to be a re-do of a filling he had for a couple years. He had no pain or sensitivity with the tooth at all. He came home and told me that the dentist decided that he needed a root canal instead! While the filling was being done my son said it was hurting and instead of giving him more novacain the dentist replied that she could now see the exposed nerve and he should get a root canal and just applied a temporary filling. Is it possible that the dentist drilled too deep and caused a problem? How is it possible for someone to need a root canal without having any symptoms at all? She also said she would need to fill the tooth after he see`s the endodontist for the root canal, does that mean no crown?


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I would recommend that if you have questions about whether a treatment is necessary you should direct those to your provider. Your dentist/endodontist should be able to answer any questions specific to your case regarding why a root canal is necessary and what steps will follow the completion of the root canal (i.e. fillings, crowns, etc.)

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