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Urinary Disorders

Trace-Lysed Blood in Urine



For two days I have had trace-lysed blood in urine. The third day it didn`t (two different family docs). One wants the bladder procedure done with the scope and the other wants a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis with renal stone protocol. I am confused. Does this sound serious? The second doc didn`t seem to concerned. I am not a smoker or around chemicals and no family history. No other symptoms. Is it unusual to have trace of blood one day and not the next. I am extremely confused and worried as I also have OCD.


A trace of blood noted on a dip stick examination of the urine is a starting point to suggest that a more complete urinalysis including microscopic examination of the spun urine be performed. If red blood cells are definitely seen on microscopic examination of the urine, referral to a urologist is indicated. Being a non-smoker places you in a lower risk category for urologic tumors. If the urologist confirms red blood cells in the urine, the evaluation should include both an xray such as a CT urogram followed by examination of the bladder with cystoscopy. Since the two primary physicians are recommending tests, it would seem appropriate to be seen by a urologist.

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