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Mental Health

TLE with Psychiatric Symptoms



In September of 2009 I was diagnosed with TLE after telling my psychiatrist of the auras I sometimes encounter. The auras are fine not intolerable. My question is have you heard of "forced thinking" and can you explain the symptoms as everyday I experience a discomfort on the left side of my head and feel as though my thoughts are forced and under pressure and I feel quite confused and experience ocd-like thoughts. Would this be forced-thinking or a symptom of TLE. currently I`m not on any meds and feel dreadful and am searching for a doc who can really listen and help me out. what can I do if I have no insurance, because currently most hospitals in my area (Chicago) really are of no use if I don`t have insurance. Thanks.


The symptoms you describe are compatible with your diagnosis of TLE. I am not sure what you mean by forced thinking, but TLE can explain what you described.

I would recommend looking for a Community Mental Health Center; you may receive free care in that setting. You may also look into the outpatient clinics of the several major universities in town that may be able to offer free or greatly reduced fee care. You do need treatment for your condition. Thanks.

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