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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Retaining Information (Short Term Memory)



dear doc, I started drugs early like doses on LSD and smoking pot at 13yrs old. got addictided to opiates and coke at 20. after 10 years of using, i enterd a program and they sugested methedone which i used for 13 years also got hooked on benzo`s and still used coke and pot. About a yr. ago I started suboxone and haven`t used anything since, i now have really bad anxiety,and in the mournigs i`m really scattered brained! (like now) until i take suboxone, then i get really bad anxiety then can`t focus on any one thing. do you think i will be on an opiat blocker for ever? will my brain heel? is celexa a good med for me? PLEASE.... IF YOUR NOT A DOCTER OR AN EXPERT ON ADDICTIN i dont need any advice..........


Thanks for your note. I think that anyone with a long using history should suspend all expectations for at least 12 months, probably for 24 months. Certainly, the most important issue is to continue NOT to use other drugs or alcohol AT ALL. Your brain will heal, but it takes months and months to do so. There is a reason why AA recommends against doing things like sponsoring others for at least two years. Celexa is a safe anti-depressant that can help with anxiety. Surrounding yourself with recovering people, keeping the Suboxone dose as low as possible, physical exercise and pushing yourself mentally are also very important. Hope this is helpful.

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