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Can You Help Me? I`m Overweight and Weak



I`m a 20 year old man from India. My diet is pure vegetarian. My problem is that I`m overweight but extremely week. I get tired pretty soon. But my main problem is that I dont have enough strength and energy to do work. Even children half my age can throw a ball at a much faster speed and can throw it at a much greater distance than i can. My girlfriend who is half my size can easily lift me for minutes but i can barely lift her for few seconds with great difficulty. Is there some thing wrong with me? This is depressing and lowers my confidence. Do you have any suggestions?



Your tiredness could be because you are anemic due to either a B12 or iron deficiency. Vegetarians (especially vegans) are a little more prone to these two deficiencies. Go to your health care provider and have yourself tested. Your health care provider may have some other thoughts on why you are so weak and tire so easily. Once the source of weakness is remedied, then the overweight can be tackled. Check back then and give me more information on your specific weight, height, activity level, and eating pattern (time of day you eat and some common foods).

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