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Kidney Diseases

6 Year Old Dark Urine



My 6 year old son drinks mainly clear liquids, milk and juice. His urine is seems to be very dark yellow to almost an orange color. He had blood test for his thyroid done last week and on Monday I received copy of his results. His BUN/Creatinine ratio was very high 63.33 with high on the range being 20. I am not sure what the test results mean but I understand it has something to do with kidneys. Should I be concerned?


It is difficult to give a definite answer without having more information about your son's health:

On the lab results that you have, are the BUN and creatinine given?  (not just the ratio, but the actual BUN and actual creatinine)

Based on the information that you've given so far, here are some thoughts that may help:

The BUN/creatinine ratio often is an indication of a person's body water content.  A person who is not drinking much and whose body has a lower-than-normal water content may have a very concentrated, dark-appearing urine and a high BUN/creatinine ratio.  Both of these can easily be corrected simply by giving the person more water.  If the person consistently has a high ratio and habitually does not seem to drink enough fluids, the cause of this behavior needs to be evaluated. 

Please feel free to write back providing more information, and I can try to be of more help.


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