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Athletic Training

Sprained Toe?



I`m a runner and have had pain in my left big toe for almost 3 months now. I used to run frequently; 3-5 times a week (20-25 miles total). The pain began when I was at the peak of my running regimen. It feels like a sprain but tends to be quite painful, especially on the bone directly behind my big toe. It has occasionally even kept me awake at night it hurts so bad. I`ve throttled back on my running regimen but it doesn`t seem to help. Should I see a doctor about it or stay off it for a few weeks?


Thanks for using Net Wellness! I would definitely seek out a physician’s advice. There are small bones under the big toe that might be irritated, but they do need treatment to get better. If you just take a few weeks off, you might mask the problem and when you start running again, the problem might just come back! I would seek out a sports medicine trained physician, as they will have more experience in this area. Hope you get to feeling better.

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Courtney D Siegel, MEd, ATC Courtney D Siegel, MEd, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Instructor of Athletic Training
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University