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Do I Need to Have a Hysterectomy at 25?



I have suffered with abnormal bleeding since i had my first child 7 years ago. I have had 2 more children since. I bleed between periods and sometimes periods are only 10 days to 2 weeks apart. I had a colposcopy done in june 2009 as i had CIN3 cells and a biopsy was taken of a growth. I have tried various forms of contraception to try and stop the bleeding but nothing has worked. The gyno doctor now says that my only option is a hysterectomy or i can continue to suffer with the bleeding. Is there anything else i could try? I`m not keen on having a hysterectomy but i`m starting to feel like i`ll have no other choice


Abnormal bleeding is one of the most common reasons that women visit gynecologists. Sometimes the reason for irregular or frequent bleeding is hormonal, and this is the kind of problem that is most easily solved with hormonal medication. Birth control pills are the most common medication prescribed to regulate menstrual cycles, but are not suitable for all women, depending on other factors like smoking history and medical history.

Intrauterine devices and endometrial ablation (destroying the lining of the uterus with heat or electricity) can also reduce uterine bleeding without resorting to major surgery.

Some abnormal bleeding is caused by structural or organic factors such as tumors, infection or vascular issues. If a growth such as a polyp or fibroid is found, it is more likely that surgery will be necessary. However, in a young woman interested in maintaining fertility, surgery can often remove the tumor while preserving the uterus.

Although cervical dysplasia (ie your CIN3) can lead to cancer if untreated, it can usually be removed with a minor procedure that spares the uterus.

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Jonathan  A Schaffir, MD Jonathan A Schaffir, MD
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