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Sports Medicine

Bone Marrow Edema Resulting from Injury



My 82 yr old mother fell 5 minths ago, dislocated her shoulder, fractured her clavicle and humerus. Xrays were taken, her shoulder was placed back into the socket and placed in a sling for 6 weeks. She began physical therapy but the pain became worse and her range of motion continued to be limited. She just had an MRI which shows a severe rotator cuff injury, tendon and ligament tears and bone marrow edema. Her orthopaedist advised her arm was "Junk" and that surgery, although possible, would not likely solve her problem and to stop using it and come back and see him in a month. The pain is intensifying and radiates down to her wrist. He suggested she take 600 mg ibuprophen but it does not allieviate her pain. The wrist is now swelling as well. We have scheduled her to see a sports medicine physician next week in hopes of finding a solution. Are there any other steps we should take in the interim? Thanks in advance for any advice you can dispense.


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