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What is Wrong Here?



I have had large amounts of blood and protien in my urine on several tests and no other sing of infection. Periodically, my lymph nodes on the right side of my body will swell and hurt, causing armpit pain/swelling and swelling around my elbow... all normal cbc testing... left ankle will swell, while all of the other symptoms are curent and I will ache. One doc says possible Lupus, one says gout and tonsilitis... collagen type 1-telopeptide test results are 283... I just feel like a circus animal and I want some pretty strait answers, any thoughts?


Based on the information you have given, it is not possible for me to make a diagnosis. However, here are some thoughts that may help:

Blood and protein in the urine may be signs of ongoing kidney damage, not necessarily from infection, but from a variety of diseases, including lupus and a number of others that affect only the kidney. If there is a lot of protein (more than 2 grams a day), you should be under the care of a nephrologist (medical kidney doctor), who may recommend that you have a kidney biopsy to determine what's going on. In other words, since some of these diseases affect only the kidney and cannot be detected by blood tests, a kidney biopsy may be the only way to make the diagnosis.

Enlarged lymph nodes are also caused by a great many conditions, some of which are infections; again, lupus is a possibility, as are various types of malignancy and even HIV infection. Most of these diseases can be diagnosed or ruled out by blood tests; as with the kidney, an enlarged lymph node can be biopsied to see what the cause is.

For your own peace of mind, it sounds like at this point you should sit down with your doctor and ask him/her to go over all of the lab tests that you have already had, so that at least you know what diseases you do not have. Then try to work out a plan with your doctor, including referral to a specialist if needed. Best of luck to you.

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