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Kidney Diseases

Dark Urine and Dehydration



1) My urine ranges from a deep yellow to a cloudy dark yellow 2) My body looks dry and feels dehydrated. I feel a constant need to moisten my body with water or cream to quench its thirst. 3) I am a 26 old female with no medical conditions.

Although, I don`t know of it is of any use to you, I noticed that before and after my period I get stomach pain (literally my stomach), my stool changes, and urine has bubbles. These are fairly recent symptoms that I never had before. Thanks


I am unable to provide a definite answer to your questions based on the information you've provided.  However, in the wintertime skin certainly tends to be dry and may require frequent treatment with moisturizing agents.

As for your other symptoms, they certainly could be related to hormonal changes associated with your periods.  The best thing to do would be to see your doctor while actually having these symptoms, in order to have a thorough physical exam and lab tests, or at least a urine test (since bubbles in the urine may be caused by protein in the urine, which may be a sign of kidney disease).

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