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Spine and Back Health

Fall - What Specialist Should I See?



A month ago my husband told me I woke one night, got on my knees in the bed and basically nose dived to the floor. He said he ran to my side of the bed and I was having a seizure. I went to the ER and was told I was under too much stress and my anxiety caused it. Now (or since the day after the seizure) I have had a lot of upper back pain. It seems to start from just below or underneath my shoulder blades and goes up to my neck. It hurts for me to sit and turn (like twist at the waist) and to breathe in deeply. It almost feels like my back needs to be popped really bad- but instead of just one place, my entire upper back feels like this. Do you have any idea what this could be? Or any suggestions on how to make it stop? I thought of going to a chiropractor , but I`m scared it could be something bad and end up messing it up even more.


Hello, thank you for your question. You have several options that I can think of. You can discuss this with your primary care doctor, and see what they suggest. You can see a physical therapist, but usually this is better done under supervision of a physician. If you don't get anywhere with this, you might seek referral to a physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation is another name for that specialty), or perhaps even a general orthopedist. Good luck.

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