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Athletic Training

Elbow Pain



Yesterday I bumped the same elbow on the outside twice. Today I have a constant pain on the inside of my elbow. Where you would get blood draw for blood test. What could be some causes of pain in the crease of the elbow?


There are many reasons why your elbow could hurt following trauma. Most typically, trauma from "bumps" is more soft tissue in nature such as bruises, strains, or sprains. 


 It is hard to assess what structures could be damaged without knowing more about the bumps that occurred or if you have had any other injuries to the elbow, which may have affected your response.  I would recommend seeing a physician if you are having continued pain in your elbow to determine the source of your pain.

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Janine   Oman, MS, PT/ATC Janine Oman, MS, PT/ATC
Assistant Athletic Director
Instructor at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University