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Heart Vibrations



Hi, i`m a 20 year old female with no background of any heart condition in my family, or myself, no diabetes, anything. 3 years ago a certain vibrations in heart started but stoped two years ago it felt very annoying but it didn`t hurt me or make me fell sick, it was just anoying but they stoped. 2 weeks ago the vibrations started again, with nothing more than just the vibrations, i don`t really know waht it is or why i have it, i just want it to stop but since i don`t know the reason of this i don`t really know how to make it stop but it is anoying, please help give a clue of what could this be. This is what i feeling right now, i feel a vibration on my chest irradiating to the left, and on my left breast, i also feel like warm in those areas, and an opression like if someone was squezzing my heart,sometimes it hurts like if someone put the tip of a needle in it not a lot of pain but it is just very anoying, anyother symptoms headache(i don`t think it is important),fatigue, green feces (not important also but it is happening), i`m a little overweight but in the range of body mass index, sometimes when i stand up i feel dizziness and headache to the point of sitting down again,hand tremors, i haven`t notice any pattern of any of this so i don`t know if it`s what i`m eating, or anything that could tell me why this happens. Do i have to see a specialist? just help me please


There are many reasons for you to experience this feeling. It would be wise for you to see your primary care doctor for a good physical exam. That would be the first place to start to investigate why you are experiencing these vibrations.

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W. Fred Miser, MD W. Fred Miser, MD
Professor of Family Medicine
Director of Ohio State Medicine Residency Program
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University