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Women's Health

Less Bleeding & Short Periods



I am 28 & since last 1 yr I have been having periods for just 2 days with less bleeding. I would be planning for a baby soon. Please suggest a solution. Do I need to visit a gynecologist? I am 5` 5", and weight-50 kg.


Very light periods without any cramping sometimes mean that you are not releasing an egg each month (ovulating). However, this is not very accurate, and most women with monthly periods are ovulating.

You should attempt pregnancy for at least 6 months by having relations every other day near mid cycle. A urine ovulation predictor kit can help you pinpoint the day you will ovulate. If you do not become pregnant within 6 months and your periods remain very light, an evaluation by a gynecologist or infertility specialist is reasonable.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University