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Delay in Periods-Need to know the Reason




I had my last period on Feb 24 2010 and lasted for 5 days,this month it is 30th March today and I still havent got my period.I usually have a 28-30 day cycle.I had sex with my husband in the first week of Feb 2010 which was protected and never ejaculated and that too for a minute or less.I had my periods in the month of Feb on the 24th which lasted for 5-6 days as it always does.It has been 34 days now and I havent got my periods as yet.we havent had sex ever since then as my husband is away.The climate is very hot at my place and I have been travelling off late to hotter places over the weekend and also have had some sleepless nights.

I had a delayed period once last year in December 2009 and I consulted a gynac and the UPT test was negative.I remain worried as irregular periods are rare for me.Kindly advice.I dont know if my tension for the same is delaying the period,I get the feelin in my body that I will get it any moment but hasnt happened as yet.Please advice.


Many women do not have clock-work-like menstrual periods. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including hyperplasia (where the lining of the uterus gets a little thicker then normal), uterine fibroids (benign tumors of the uterus that can cause irregular bleeding), uterine polyps (also a type of begin tumor-like structure), miscarriages, thyroid problems, excessive weight gain or weight loss, withdrawal of hormonal contraception, and uterine cancer. Additionally, the menstrual cycle can change a bit with increasing age, stress levels, and if you are around other females.

You should talk with you doctor to see what may be causing your irregular bleeding and to develop a better understanding of your particular concerns.

Further information can be found at Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (American Academy of Family Physicians).

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