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Bipolar Depression with Hypomania



3 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Depression after a serious nervous breakdown at age 42. Since then I have been on various antidepressants with one or more mood stabilizers like Lithium and Lamictal. I have been on Cymbalta 60mgs for the three years as well. However, I still continue to have ups "hypomanic" which may last for several days then I`m pretty normal for as much a week or so, then I start the decend over a week or so until I am unable to go to work or take care of my family. Also, I sometimes feel more energetic in the evening than the rest of the day. My psychiatrist was willing to try me on Adderall at my request because my depression wasn`t clearing last month. When I told him how "great and up" I felt on Sudafed and thought that I had stumbled onto something. So I started 5 mgs q am and it did make a difference, I think it just kicked me into the old cycle of hypomanic and slowly back to no energy. He upped it to 10 mgs and I tried it for less than a week. Too revived up and unable to do my job. My question is, do I just have to accept that I will continue with these energy and mood cycles or is there something my dr. is missing? What is normal for bipolar depression? I`ve pretty much been like this my whole life except now I take medication and my energy and mood never seem to last. Is this just how the average person is? Thank you


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