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Sports Medicine

Shoulder Injury



About 2 months ago I fell on my left shoulder, Dr. did an xray which showed a grade 2 shoulder seperation. When the pain did not improve I was sent to Phyical Therapy. I did slip on ice and fell on the same shoulder about a month after the 1st injury. When P.T. did not help I was given a cortisone injection on 3/10. I continued P.T. until last week when it was stopped due to continued pain and swelling. The Therapist gave me mild home exercises to do. The constent pain is gone for the most part but I still have pain moving my shoulder (straight out is okay, but anything thing at an angle either away from, across my body or behind is painfull)the pain is in the front of my shoulder and the front part of my arm. I also have swelling above and below my collarbone close to my neck and under my arm going a little way across chest. Is this normal with a separated shoulder and how long does it usually take to heal. If it doesn`t improve soon should I see my Dr. again or maybe a specialist of some kind. Thank you.


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